Jo Wade

My training is in Fine Art and I graduated from Staffordshire University with an MA in 1992. I was born in Manchester to Cypriot parents, I now live in Stratford upon Avon.

I am a painter and printmaker. When painting I like to be experimental and I particularly enjoy the incidental. A painting my go through many stages before I’m happy, so I generally prefer to work on many pieces at the same time. Similarly with printmaking my aim is to exploit the potential of all the disciplines whilst allowing space for the accidental. I particularly like lithography, collagraph printing and mono printing. In both painting and printmaking mark making is an important motivation.

My inspiration is the transience of time and I draw on nature to help express these ideas. Through the ebb & flow of the tide and the changing of the seasons, I aim to capture an imagined moment whilst reiterating time’s cyclical nature. In the abstract, I often try to create the sense of looking ahead or of holding a moment. The way I use my media enables me to express the abstract nature of a space. In not taking anywhere in its entirety but drawing from its essence the important elements, I hope to create the feel of a place.

In tandem I like history and how time impacts on memory. I have made paintings that evoke the transience of time and its fleeting memories – “like a tune that wafts in the breeze. ” This is a theme I would like to explore further.

Selected Exhibitions:

  • Bond Gallery solo exhibition. Birmingham
  • Pankhurst Centre solo exhibition. Manchester
  • Burslem Art centre solo exhibition. Stoke-on-Trent
  • Gallery K group exhibition. London
  • Bank of Cyprus touring exhibition. London, Cyprus, Greece
  • Stoke on Trent Gallery & Museum group exhibition. Stoke on Trent
  • ‘Wanton Girls & wicked Women.’ group exhibition. Milton Keynes
  • Blackfriars theatre and art centre group exhibition. Boston/ Lincolnshire
  • Keele University group exhibition. Staffordshire
  • Lichfield Library group exhibition. Lichfield
  • Runnymede Gallery group exhibition. Berkshire
  • Art in the Ark exhibition group exhibition. Basingstoke
  • Prize winner at Pershore open arts Competition. Worcestershire
  • RBSA open all media competition. Birmingham
  • Little Buckland Gallery Broadway Arts Festival open competition. Worcestershire
  • The Gallery Chipping Norton Theatre solo exhibition. Oxfordshire
  • The people’s landscape.’ Claydon House. Berkshire
  • The Herbert Art Gallery open art competition. Coventry
  • Rugby Art Gallery & Museum, ‘2 Blues,’ duo exhibition. Rugby
  • Derby Print Open. Derby
  • Wells Art Contemporary, Wells Cathedral. Somerset
  • ‘Abstracted,’ three person show. Spring Gallery Cheltenham
  • Ironstone Prize exhibition, Banbury Museum and Art Gallery. Banbury.